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On average our customers save $521 per year. How much you will save depends mainly on how much money you are spending on LPG gas and chemical fertiliser. With a biodigester you do not need to buy LPG gas anymore and can produce your own organic fertiliser.

First of all the biogas you produce is free. Second of all LPG is dangerous to use. Every day we hear about accidents with faulty LPG canisters that are exploding and hurting people. Some even die. Thirdly biogas is sustainable. It is a natural resource produced from the bacteria in the manure of your livestock. 

Chemical fertiliser can decrease the quality of your soil. If you want to test the quality of your soil give us as call and our staff comes to your house to do a free pH-test with you: +855 97 654 7760

The installation takes only around 3-4 hours and is included in the package.

What customers say:

Nhem Sokhorn

Biogas is much better than LPG. It is free and I do not have to be afraid of the bottle exploding.


Yen Samet

I used to spend $300 per year on chemical fertiliser. Now I make my own and save the money.


Sin Song

We love our modern kitchen. No more black pots and the rice is ready in just 15 minutes.


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Call us now:
+855 97 654 7760