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The price depends on the size of the system and how you want to pay it off. Just give us a call and we explain the different sizes and financing models. All of our prices include the biodigester, installation, a two burner stove, a rice cooker and all follow-up services.

We expect the biodigester itself will last for approximately 25 years. We offer a 3 year warranty

At the moment we offer only our M4 system. This allows for loading of up to 40kg of manure daily. If you require a larger system we can install multiple M4 biodigesters as a package.

The installation takes approximately half a day and is included in the package.

You need a minimum of 2 cows/buffalo or 4 adult pigs.

You can use other waste however it is generally a little more complicated so best to speak to ATEC about this first.

A minimum of 20kg of cow/buffalo manure or 13kg of pig manure.

On average our customers save $521 per year. How much you will save depends mainly on how much money you are spending on LPG gas and chemical fertiliser. With a biodigester you do not need to buy LPG gas anymore and can produce your own organic fertiliser.

Generators use a large amount of gas and are suitable to be used with our current M4 model.

No, normal LPG stoves are designed differently to biogas stoves and hence will not run on biogas.

No, the biodigester is extremely same and will never reach a pressure where it can explode.

No, provided you follow our instructions and training it is very safe to use.

Save 521$ per year on gas & fertiliser.

Depending on how much extra gas you have you could purchase additional appliances.

No, it is very easy. We train you on the required maintenance as part of the installation.

Whilst poultry manure can in theory produce biogas it is much more complicated and at this stage we do not recommend its use.

Yes, we generally advise it is installed underground to keep it out of the way and reduce the risk of damage.

Yes, you can install the M4 as a modular setup.

It does not have to be but it is easier to load if it is buried and will also operate at a more consistent temperature.

Not fully underground, however this is something we are investigating.

You can call our Service After Sales team.

Our biodigesters are small homescale systems suitable for generating cooking gas. If you have a very large pig farm please contact us and we can talk through other options for you.


PAYGO is the short form for Pay As You Go and it is a new financing model designed for farmers who want to invest into their farms in instalments using the savings the system generates.

Payment are made via Wing Money. ATEC provide the customer with payment details.

There are no hidden fees or interest rates however customers are required to pay Wing fees.

If you pay the system off in the first 12 months you will receive a 5% discount of the remaining balance.

PAYGO is similar to a loan but has no interest and no collateral. It is called a credit instalment contract rather than a loan.

You will need to undergo a Credit Assessment by ATEC’s financial team.



Organic fertiliser is good for the soil. It can improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. Over time, organic fertilisers will make your soil–and plants–healthy and strong. Organic fertiliser is usually made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals.

On average you get the same amount of fertiliser out as slurry you load in. Eg if you load in 60L per day you will get on average 60L of fertilser per day.

You can just dispose of it in an area where it can dry out or you could sell it or give it away to family or friend.

You can store it in a compost area or sealer container for future use.

Yes it is easy to use. Farmer can use it for the soil before they growing plant to make their soil quality better. They also can use organic fertiliser with water to watering their plant.

Yes the fertiliser is very safe however you should always wash your hands after handling it.

Yes, rather than 1/2 bucket of water and 1/2 manure, you can do 1/2 manure, 1/4 water and 1/4 bioslurry to boost gas production and reduce water needs.

Like a brown liquid and no strong smell.


We supply an biogas rice cooker and twin burner stove.

Yes however they will only run on biogas, not LPG.


It clean, cheap and safe.

The biodigester produces approximately 1300L of biogas per day. This is enough gas for the cooking needs of a normal sized family.

It depends on how many burners on the stove you use and what flame level they are on but for a normal family it is enough for three meals per day.

We supply a twin burner stove and biogas rice cooker.

No, it is very clean and healthy.

Depending on how much extra gas you have you could purchase additional appliances.

You will generally start producing biogas within 1 week of filling your biodigester but it can take up to 1 month to get consistent levels of gas.

This desulphuriser removes some small traces of sulfur from the gas. This sulfur is not unsafe however can corrode the appliances.

The actual pressure on the gauge is not that important, it is really on a guide to how much gas you have. Around 8KPa is full.

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