First 4 ATEC* Units installed in Bangladesh

ATEC Bangladesh units

Partnering with IDCOL, iDE, Grameen Shakti and SNV, ATEC* has installed their first 4 demonstration systems in Bangladesh.

“I’m very happy as I can cook for 10-12 people 3 times a day,” says Biplob (pictured above), “before I used 2 gas bottles a day, now I save money on this plus the fertiliser is excellent for our crops.”

“Bangladesh is hugely exciting for ATEC* as it’s one of the largest small-scale markets in the world,” says ATEC* CEO Ben Jeffreys, “it’s also a flood plain country like Cambodia which our systems are designed for, has fantastic supply chains in place and strong support from the government. We are on track to enter Bangladesh by the end of this year and expect to see rapid growth.”