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More income & less cost for your farm

Our products are designed for Smart Farmers that want to get more outcome and have less work.

Our Biodigesters processes your farm waste (animal manure & green waste) into free biogas for clean cooking and organic fertiliser for better crops and healthier soil.

"Be smart. Save 521$ per year on gas & fertiliser while enjoying the comfort of a modern kitchen."

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You save up to $521 per year.

Over 1,800 Smart Farmers are enjoying these and other benefits every day.

Free Fertiliser

Get 20 tons of free organic fertiliser out of your livestock's manure.

Modern Kitchen

Enjoy the comfort of a modern kitchen without black pots and smoke.

Free Gas & No Wood

Get 3 bottles of free gas every day for clean cooking. No wood needed.

Over a lifetime of 25 years you save up to $13,000 on gas and fertiliser!

What would you do with the money?

Easy installation and long life.

Our biodigesters are flood resistant and can be moved easily.

The installation itself takes only 3,5 hours and is included in the package.

Smart financing with PAYGO.

Use the savings from using the biodigester to pay it off. Easy via monthly WING-transfer.


You do not need to take another loan or use an MFI.

What Smart Farmers say about ATEC:

Sin Song

We love our modern kitchen. No more black pots and the rice is ready in just 15 minutes.


Yen Samet

I used to spend $300 per year on chemical fertiliser. Now I make my own and save the money.


Nhem Sokhorn

Biogas is much better than LPG. It is free and I do not have to be afraid of the bottle exploding.


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